Red Fox (E. Trifilio) 2018. Filmed on location Rio de la Plata, April 2018.

Album: Bienvenidos al Ring, album releasing in summer 2018.

TTT's first official music video: Ni Pelota (E. Trifilio)

Trifilio Tango Trio's Milonga de la Ausencia, by Emmanuel Trifilio, is featured in this new short film Vuelve con Nosotros, directed by Mario Ramos. More info here

Eddie Arrossi's beautiful work from TTT's live performance at City Dock Tango June 2016: Music is "La Sabionda" from TTT's first album: Original. 



  • September, 2016. Buenos Aires: Malga magazine covers Trifilio Tango Trio in their September 2016 issue.
  • September, 2015. Washington, D.C.: Boston University covers the Pope's visit to D.C.:

  • September, 2015. Annapolis, MD: Capital Gazette covers City Dock Milonga:

  • August, 2015. La Plata, Buenos Aires: ElMunicipalTV covers Emmanuel Trifilio and Trifilio Tango Trio's opening concert: 

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